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I'm a laid-back and fun-loving photographer. I specialise in capturing the joy and excitement of life's special moments, whether it's a wedding, a family session, or a milestone event.
I believe that photography should be about having a good time and capturing real, authentic moments. I strive to make my clients feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and I'm always up for a good joke or two (or ten).

When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me exploring the outdoors, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or snuggling up with a good book. I’m also something of a music snob, these days Jazz, RnB, Electronic Ambient, Piano, and Chillhop make up my personal soundtrack.

I'm always up for an adventure, and I bring that same sense of playfulness and excitement to my photography. So if you're looking for a photographer who will capture your special moments with a sense of fun and authenticity, I'd love to work with you.

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I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of people more than anything else. That’s why, despite my introverted nature, I decided I wanted to photograph weddings so many years ago. It was an incredibly powerful experience and I knew right away that wedding photography was the journey I wanted to take.

2I’ve always expressed myself better with my camera rather than my words. Through my viewfinder I observe and wait for the perfect moment to release the shutter, preserving your memories forever.

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