10 Wedding Details Easily Forgotten

November 21, 2022

There are so many things to remember for your wedding day. The months of planning and enormous list of things to bring, look after, not to forget, organise…  We get it!!

For those who decide not to hire a wedding planner and tackle all the planning by yourself and family, we made a list of details which are missed and forgotten at nearly every wedding.

1 - Food

We see this too often. The number one most overlooked thing is the bride herself eating. One of the last things you want to do is pass out during the ceremony. Make sure you have something even light, like fruits and veggies, have a breakfast even if you don't eat for the rest of the day. You'll be on your feet for a majority of the day and you'll need energy from every single calorie.

And with that being said, make sure your bridal party has enough food too. You can assign that task to your mom to an aunt make sure fresh food shows up on site and make sure you all actually eat.

2 - Water

This comes from the previous point. Hydrate yourself. In fact, start hydrating a few days beforehand. It helps your skin to be clearer and more refreshed to handle the marathon of the dat. It will be a bit of a challenge running to the bathroom with that huge dress all the time but you'd rather be hydrated, then pass out because you are too dehydrated.

3 - A point person

This is a one person from each side of the family who will be a first point of contact for everyone so no one's coming up to you and asking questions when you're in the middle of your first dance. Not that anybody would do that…

But designate someone that has all of the contact information for all of your vendors, understands your entire timeline. They should handle all of the chaos behind the scenes. So you can enjoy your wedding day.

4 - Reserved seating signs

This is that your family and closest friends always have their first two rows during the ceremony reserved. There's always that one random person who's  never been to a wedding and they sit in the second row or in the front row thinking that that's the spot for them.

So having reserved signs to make sure those aisles are clearly marked and no one sits in them is really important.

5 - Tips

If you're doing tips, we highly recommend that you have them in envelopes with the name of the company on the front of the envelope and give that to your designated person to pass them out. You two have it planned out ahead of time so you're not scrambling last minute to try to find all of the money or get all of the cash.

6 - Invitations & flat-lays

If you want your invitations being captured in your wedding photography, make sure you bring at least two copies including the envelopes. Very important to make sure they are stored securely for transport and don’t get bend.

Flat-lays are beautiful components of your photography album and are always remind you of small details which were important at time of your wedding. Like a jewellery you wore on the date, your favourite parfume, details of your shoes or close ups of your rings.

7 - A group photo coordinator

Designate one person from the bride's side and the groom side of families and make sure all of the photos happen without a glitch. The photographer has a list of names and combinations for individual photos but he does not know who is who. Having someone who can gather right people together, makes that family photo time go so much more quickly, which means you get to the party sooner.

8 - Cake topper, Server, Knife & Toasting Glasses

Not everyone has a desire to have these things, but some have them even specially carved for the day. It may sound dumb, but you don’t want to cut your wedding cake with a plastic butter knife. Make sure they are packed up and ready to go to the venue and that your point of contact knows where they are so they can set them out and be ready for cake cutting.

9 - Vendor Overtime

It’s not always necessary and hopefully you will not need it, but if your schedule stretches and you decide to have that one more hour of photography, at least you are aware of those costs so you are not stung by additional €600 fee you did not anticipate.

10 - Meals

Not everyone thinks of it when they’re planning the meal order. But someone who will spend eight to ten plus hours at your event,  please do not forget vendor meals. Most vendors have this within their contract if they were required to be fed but make sure your caterer knows that's not just your guest count that needs to be fed, but the additional vendors as well. Please feed us!


This is our bonus tip.

BREATHE, OBSERVE and REPEAT. This is YOUR wedding day.

So take a moment at the back of the aisle before you walk down. Be alone - take 5 minutes every now and then to be with your other half and enjoy the day for yourselves. Look at all the guests there during dinner. Stop eating for just a second and look around at all of the wonderful loving people that have surrounded you.

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